Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Brimfield Bound

I cannot believe it has been so long since my last post!
I have been painting and shipping and babysitting :-)
Brimfield bound in less than 2 weeks...the greatest antique show in the world!
Come and see me at the Midway Faxons show (across from the New England Motel) You will see tons of painted furniture for a cottage and shabby chic style home I set up with some friends who also sell painted furniture and I mix mine with vintage clothing and fabrics...and anything romantic!
Here are some before and afters of a few items I have been working on inside my home because it is still only 39 degrees here in good old upstate NY :-(

metal bed sanded and primed before

and after with vintage wallpaper and a beautiful blue paint

Some cabinets that will be in my booth

some tables

and mirrors

and bed benches and  fabrics

ok back to painting will post more pics as things get done.


  1. oh my god i just want you to know i am MADLY in love with your furniture and decor...if I were rich I would buy it all. It is now my new goal to win the lottery and buy everything you have. it is all sooo beautifull! I am obbsessed with shabby chic, pale colors, old hollywood glamour and french cottage anything! I may have to start saving up, a few of your things have REALLY caught my eye :)

  2. How very pretty...wow. I adore wallpaper but have only ever found a sample book from, I think, the seventies. It's cool, but nothing as lovely as earlier decades!

  3. I luv the old vintage bart cloth. It is so hard to find out where we live. Thanks for sharing...

  4. Love your metal bed! My mom was just given a full size by someone who found it in their attic, excellent shape, a little more ornate in style than yours...I painted it a deep muted plum color and then handpainted a dainty, delicate floral design in metallic gold on the head and footboards, close to the edges. It came out beautiful!