Friday, November 19, 2010


It has been almost 6 months since I last posted to my blog page!!! I didnt even remember my password.


I don't even have any excuses... Life has just got the better of me lately.
Holidays around the corner so travel will be in the forecast as well as snow :-(

My hands already frozen at my typewriter keys (the office is the coldest room in this old house).  But I will get a break from the cold while going down south for the first time in 10 years on a plane
(where is the valium!)...and driving back alone should be interesting with out a cell phone!

Right in the middle of xmas buying season I didnt think this thru...but a visit with my mom is more important at the moment than paying the bills..or buying gifts. I already am dreading the loss of a computer for 10 days ...withdrawl will inevitably be a constant companion ....SOLUTION.... list as much now as you can... tweet about it... sell it... ship it! So here are some photos of what I hope to get accomplished in the next few days for

Small victorian box Plush velvet hankie box

Blue crystal Czech dangle earrings

Blue Czech crystal buckle,

porcelain roses pin,

victorian gold filled locket

Porcelain hand painted roses pin

Victorian locket

Deco Czech crystal drop necklace

Early French Lady box with linen and lame ribbon


Painting of gorgeous girl on porcelain,

Early engraving with mat in round frame,

Framed photo of a young girl,

Precious Hand painted Child

Early French box with print of girl on top

Marie Antoinette Engraving in round frame

Handpainted Porelain Plaque

Oval hand painted lady with pink bows

Large victorian painting of violets


 will also list some pretties!

Early 1930's black silk and lace nightgown exquisite detail

Another rare style black and net lace nightgown

Stunning deep pink chiffon 1930s evening gown

Wedding night worthy Ivory satin and gold lace peignoir


Now dinner and then list list list!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, May 31, 2010

Sweet Vintage Pickins

Funny how I dont have the energy to regroup after Brimfield but I have the energy to shop :-)
And shop I did this past week...2 auctions (one an all day auction at a gorgeous old Inn outside of Madison New York )...a regular antique auction...a town wide garage sale in Deerfield New York and the best Barn sale a girl who loves french and shabby chic could ever dream of in Poland New York (you know where Poland Springs water comes from)

I won't gloat that I woke up early and acutally thought it was an hour later than it was at the last sale...the antique gods were on my side I was alone with the all pretties for over an hour before the next shopper appeared and my pile was at the each new person appeared I had to keep saying I am sorry thats sold :-)....ok I said I wouldn't gloat sorry about that...a pic of the barn sale on the second day ( I had to go back to refill my truck it didnt all fit the first time around) ok there I go gloating again lol!    

here are some pics of my favorite items and

a great old wood plank bench this is heavy!! but now already dressed with a basket of flowers on my front lawn

I bought this set at the last minute I dont know how I missed it....not complete but service for 4 with tea pot creamer and sugar
I am so into the blues

I love french cabriole legs on furniture that's a weakness of mine and at this sale I bought 8 tables and some chairs all with the curvy legs.....unheard of!!!

I already put this in my spot at Little Falls Antique Center

a 2 tiered table already painted
I listed the sewing box with vintage wallpaper and the pink barbola frame in my etsy store

an italian tole table with carving cabriole legs and handpainted roses OMG

Lets not forget this adorable table with a drawer and shelf and oh those legs!

a great mirror top (removable) table high heel feet :-)

very french nightstand metal mesh doors ..and the pink shutters and globe and everything in the backround

look at the hand painting on this chair!!!!!!!!

some smalls all with that french flair

and last but not least my favorite auction purchase some lenci dolls...
Being an antique dealer may not be the easiest work in the world but parts of it (like doing the shopping) is just downright orgasmic!