Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vintage Vignettes with Girls

Before I can even get into this new world of blogging and how do I change my background and put my photos in and link to this and...and...
I want to be creative or this wont be any fun and I will not be a blogger...
Here goes my first attempt sharing some pictures of sweet little scenes in my home....
 most with girls in the background .....I love to decorate and sometimes I do it small
Little romantic vignettes telling stories
of the different sides of me
with small vintage items that could fit on a shelf or a box or a windowsill.

Deco flapper half doll and the model for her in a vintage bridge tally card...

Vintage blue half doll sits pretty on shelf with antique Limoges porcelains

A rare flathead sewing half doll and collage shelf in backround

Jadeite green tin with hand painted flapper becomes a work of art

Vintage Flapper era vanity items are my favorites....Powder Puff skirt half doll shelf scene

Vintage Pink German Perfume Bottle

Flapper ribbon girl and vintage lingerie ribbon etsy shoot

My favorite picture! A close up German Google eyed porcelain in pink pajamas too cute!

One of my first Victorian Collages...this was my mascot or logo on vintagepastelle website

Vintage suitcase with original collage decoupaged on it makes a wonderful background

An antique paperdoll dress inspired this hatbox creation in greens

A vintage Tintex dye box was inspiration for a sewing hatbox theme in pink

My wedding collage shadow box (one of manyboxes I created)
 to use as backdrops for displaying my vintage jewelry

Vintage half dolls and powder puff wand mixed with elegant glassware and Limoges vignette

Small shelf scene with hatbox powder box doll mannequin bisque half doll and small trunk
 (this shelf was no bigger than 5" wide)

I use small framed pictures as backdrops for porcelains on shelves or inside cabinets
 This one a victorian lady print .

Instead of a framed picture I used an edwardian lady on a vintage stockings box
 as a backdrop and a head vase in foregound...
A vintage hatbox compact creates a delightful vignette with a hand colored postcard

Here a whimsical scene with a kissing salt and pepper couple
on a collage shelf made from scrap wood and an old music sheet and book page

A torn hatbox with pink roses is a backdrop and creates a charming vignette

simple pleasures ....


  1. Pam, welcome to the blog world. I love what you did....amazing blog post for your maiden voyage. Come visit, Dianne

  2. Beautiful vintage items and decorating! I'll be looking forward to your next blog post.

  3. Welcome to Blogland! Gorgeous post!

  4. I love this we all run out of room its amazing how pretty a small space can be. Thank you so many great ideas!