Sunday, January 9, 2011


HAPPY 2011...9 days late :-)
I have been to Florida and back (driving one way) I don't recommend Washington 5:15 pm in an ice storm !  Spent a wonderful time with my mom in Florida and got to see my oldest son and twin grandsons for Christmas in I ended the year beautifully!

Now to the New Year and an implusive new adventure...I am already in a brick and mortar store in Little Falls NY...and am today in the snow and 14 degree weather  :-(  about to finish emptying the van I brought back from Florida...only to reload it with all the vintage furniture I have been busy painting to set up in a group shop an hour away from me but closer to Albany 15 mins   (civilization...where there are more buyers...I hope) The Black Sheep Antique Center in Duanesburg N.Y.

I love the center ...I am not crazy about the fact I will be upstairs and will have to go all around the inside of the store to get to the staircase to bring all my stuff to display in my booth.  So right now I am procrastinating and dreading the glamourous life of an antique dealer...wishing it would snow a little harder so I have an excuse not to do this today...

For the past 2 weeks I have been painting and leaving it in my living room (I have a fireplace there so I get to keep warm as I work) I havent seen my couch or bay window in as long and really cant wait to get my home back...My garden spa tub in the downstairs bathroom is filled with empty boxes my dining room tables are filled with smalls (yes I said tables one to be painted and well one is mine my dr is huge) sons room may now be the cleanest room in the house lol! You have no idea!

I will do before and after pics of my booth but only have cramped pictures of the items in the living room
but It wouldnt be my blog without a ton of pictures so I will post and then hopefully post the booth pictures some time later this week...because it will be done I will unload and load and unload and navigate and decorate and price  and survive...because as a shopaholic this is what we do to justify our addiction...

Here are some pictures they wont be the prettiest on my blog but heres the idea very vintage pastelle (my first website)

great shadow boxes  

   Robins egg blues pinks greens and creams I even wallpapered hangers and hatstands so I have altered almost everything...there is a cottage original paint group too and I havent gone thru the house yet for the smalls and accents and barkcloth etc etc but I think it all looks good together or has potential too...and the store is on the way to Brimfield (which seems so far away in the future)...
The snow is letting up I have to face the task at hand one more cup of coffee... maybe a phone call... a glance on etsy.... another cup of coffee......................Hope you enjoy your day!!!!


  1. What a yummy collection of goodies! I love your color palette and the items with the vintage wallpaper.

  2. Thank you Mitzi! Will update photos by Friday its coming along. I love using vintage wallpaper and have been collecting for the past 20 years...its what happens when you cant paint roses lol!

  3. I love your blog. Glad to found you! Come follow my blog for more Roses...
    Hugs & Blessings!
    ~*~ Wendy ~*~

  4. It all looks great! I wish you great success in your shop and I too would hate being on the second floor!!! Judi

  5. All those pieces are gorgeous, I wish you well with your store.


  6. Your merchandise looks fantastic. I must come visit you in Duanesburg.
    I frequently haunt antique stores and flea markets looking for tiny treasures to use in my jewelry. I have never been to Black Sheep. I promise to come to second floor.

  7. Just stopped by from Etsy and am now your newest follower. You have some great stuff on this post. I LOVE the chair with the floral seat!

  8. Whoa. I am LOVING all that shabby goodness!!!